Blockless – The Beginning of College Blues

I feel like posting one more entry. Really can’t sleep.

I’m off to college in a month, so I’ve been preparing. I’ve preenlisted to my desired blocks and PE subjects… and got my results today.

I’m blockless! Why, Mr. Oblation statue, bakit naman?

I have no schedule and no classes, except for PE, but it’s PE. Di naman ako major sa Team Building, di ba? *sob*

Oh well. Que sera sera. I’ll have to panic during the Advance Registration, then. I’ll be joining a group of leftovers scavengers castaways Physics Majors who don’t have any blocks either. We weren’t so lucky this time. I hope we become a block. I wanted to be in a block. 

Let’s see what happens from here, and continue to hope for the best.

And like my fellow blockless freshies say, “Mabuhay ang mga blockless!”


Still busy.

I’m graduating from High School on Saturday next week! I thought I’d be chilling during the grad rehearsals, but I’m not. For one thing, I have to sing one verse of the responsorial psalm in front of the whole batch, their parents, our teachers and the school’s heads. This is the first time I’m singing solo for anything so I have every right to be nervous.

I am (apparently) my batch’s valedictorian, which is great and totally unexpected, but we all know that I have to write a speech. Problem is, I’m not the type to write speeches. I have less than a week to finish, edit and finalize the draft before anything else.

This is all very stressful, but I hope everything will be worth it in the end.