Andiefined (undefined).

Writing about myself is hard for me, so I’ll put random sets of words together in coherent sentences here.

Arashian. Supernatural Minion. Sherlockian. Whovian.

My mouth spits out corny fantastic jokes, puns, and pick-up lines.

I think of the Pythagorean Theorem every time I jaywalk cross the street. Schrodinger’s Equation kind of makes me high. BS Physics student!

My guitar yearns for my touch.

Being in a choir was one of the best things I’ve experienced.

Procrastination works for me. I’ve learned to live on coffee and Mountain Dew.

I seem to like colors of all wavelengths. I’ve recently been into bright-colored things, though.

I trip around a lot. I once slipped down the stairs of a building at my university (it rained). It hurt.

Naps in libraries are great when the aircon’s on full blast,




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