Blockless – The Beginning of College Blues

I feel like posting one more entry. Really can’t sleep.

I’m off to college in a month, so I’ve been preparing. I’ve preenlisted to my desired blocks and PE subjects… and got my results today.

I’m blockless! Why, Mr. Oblation statue, bakit naman?

I have no schedule and no classes, except for PE, but it’s PE. Di naman ako major sa Team Building, di ba? *sob*

Oh well. Que sera sera. I’ll have to panic during the Advance Registration, then. I’ll be joining a group of leftovers scavengers castaways Physics Majors who don’t have any blocks either. We weren’t so lucky this time. I hope we become a block. I wanted to be in a block. 

Let’s see what happens from here, and continue to hope for the best.

And like my fellow blockless freshies say, “Mabuhay ang mga blockless!”


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